Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden

What’s in the garden?

Our menus are bursting with the freshest fruit, vegetables and herbs, much of which come straight from our onsite kitchen garden at The Greenhouse.

If we can’t pull it from the dirt ourselves, we source it in the local region.

Take a look at what’s planted at the moment.



basil_with-name butter-lettuce_with-nameOregano_with-nameDwarf-imperial-mandarin-citrus_with-name







Here are a few pointers from our garden happy kitchen crew:

  • Plant: beetroot, beans, capsicum, carrots, cucumber, lettuce.
  • Harvest: peas, broad beans, strawberries (why not make a tasty jam or syrup with your sweet strawberries)
  • Top mulch your veggie patches, herb gardens & ornamental beds & ensure all weeds are removed as soon as possible.
  • Looking for a pop of colour? Add some flowers to your planting – try Dahlia, Marigold, or Fox Glove.
  • As fruit trees finish flowering, give them a generous handful of blood & bone and net any developing fruit to protect from birds & bats.


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