Our Local Craft

Our Local Craft


We always feature a local brewery on tap, changing the beers and brewery frequently.

Below are some of our favourite’s that have been feature beers at The Greenhouse!

If you know of a local brewery that makes an awesome brew or two, let us know! We are all about supporting the locals and love to try something new!





We love a good Murrays brew – aren’t we lucky to have a brewery just 15 minutes down the road from us!

We have featured East Coast Lager, Whale Ale, Murrays Angry Man, Black Bear & Fred IPA & will feature their seasonal beers on tap whenever we can get our hands on them!

Their motto is ‘No Boring Beer’ & here’s their story:

Murray and the team have been brewing unique and off-beat naturally crafted beers since 2006, and in the process have won a bunch of awards and accolades – including Australia’s Brewer of the Year last year.
The craft beer bug bit Murray a few years before this, when he was on a trip to America. Legend has it he tried a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at a roadside diner in California – and thought he’d died and gone to beer heaven! This experience inspired him to open his own brewery, so he could brew and enjoy the beers he wanted to drink back home in Australia.
The birthplace of Murray’s Craft Brewing Co was the tiny hamlet of Taylors Arm (population 50) on the NSW North Coast. Murray bought the iconic Pub With No Beer (of Slim Dusty fame), and quickly solved the supply problem by installing a microbrewery on site.

Check them out. 


Grainfed Brewing is one of our favourite local beers to have on tap.

Owner & Brewer Lachlan MacBean is a passionate individual, creating tasty beers right out of Newcastle! His ‘Sneaky One’ Summer Ale has been on tap numerous times & is well loved by locals

Grainfed Brewing is a Newcastle, family owned brewing company, making draught beers with  flavour, balance and drinkability. We source the best ingredients, to craft the best beer using years of knowledge.skill and passion
Beer Farmer, Lachlan Macbean  aims to bring the four components of a healthy lifestyle, water,grains, hops, and yeast together in a glass of fermented liquid delight.  

Check them out. 


Newtown based Young Henrys motto is ‘Serve the People’ – doesn’t that sound great!

Young Henry’s Natural Lager & Newtowner Ale have both been a big hit.

Here’s their story:

Like most good stories, ours started over a beer.

Meeting on opposite sides of the bar, Richard Adamson and Oscar McMahon got talking. It turned out they both shared a love of beer and a view that the Sydney beer scene was behind the times. It should, they thought, be more adventurous, innovative and fun. Since Richard knew how to brew and Oscar knew all the ins and outs of hospitality, they figured they could do more than just talk.

The idea to open a brewery was easy. Doing it wasn’t. At the time, few people understood the concept of hand crafted beer so several development applications were rejected. But in 2012 the green light was given for an industrial warehouse space in Newtown. With the help of a few friends, a small brewing kit was purchased and Young Henrys was officially in business.The first Young Henrys beers were brewed in March 2012. The idea behind them was pretty simple: brew beer our local community would enjoy and be proud to call their own. Not much has changed since. The same beers that poured back then are the same ones you’ll find at our brewery now.

Check them out. 



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