Coffee - BYO CUP

Do your bit AND Save $1 on your coffee!


Help us decrease the number of single use coffee cups in the world. 

Grab a coffee cup from home, bring a re-useable keep cup, wash the paper cup and lid that you used yesterday, or dust off that rustic self-made cup you made when you were young.

Each year over 1 billion takeaway cups and lids are landfilled or littered throughout Australia. When not disposed of thoughtfully, these cups are increasingly making their way into the our oceans and are causing an array of harmful effects to our environment. Unfortunately, even when these cups are disposed of responsibly they are mostly neither recyclable nor compostable due to inadequate industrial composting facilities throughout Australia. 


What can you do about it?

$1 reusable cup v.PNG

If we each drink 1-2 coffees a day in takeaway cups, that’s up to 14 or more in some cases a week, spread this out over a year and it becomes evident on how such a simple action can make such a big difference. For the instance where a reusable cup isn’t available, skipping the lid and going #toplessforthesea is another step toward reducing our takeaway coffee drinking impact. 

Thinking of picking up a "Keep Cup"?

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