New Food Trends that we LOVE!

The new environmentally friendly food trends you're seeing now

We have seen some new environmentally friendly food trends in 2018 and are predicting that they will be even more prominent in 2019.

It is evident that more and more Australian’s are interested in where their food is sourced and what they are putting into their bodies, with a focus on the overall impact their food and drink consumption is having on the environment.

At the Greenhouse Eatery we are passionate about the environment, and focus on locally sourced ingredients, in addition to supporting the local community, minimizing environmentally damaging transportation of supplies.

Environmental consciousness - is that a term you've heard before?

It revolves on the premise that consumers are more aware than ever of where their food is sourced, waste generation and disposal, recycling and energy consumption and this is a trend that is evolving and growing.

brooke-lark-194252-unsplash (1).jpg

fresh is best!

(and beautiful)

Another evolving trend in environmentally friendly foods is flower power, with flora inspiration currently in full bloom. We are seeing drinks and snack foods flavoured with sweet and fresh aromatics and flowers featured in lavender lattes and rose flavoured food and drinks.

Historically flavours such as jasmine and rose have been used in teas but can be found in lots of other beverages. This is a trend that we predict we will see a lot more of.

Edible flowers topped the Whole Foods 2018 food trends list. Not only do they look great, they add flavour to salads, soups and beverages with next to no calories. We use local growers Newcastle Greens to source all of our herbs & edible flowers. They add so much in flavour and presentation to a dish!