New Anzac Beer on Tap!

We do love a new beer feature - the newest beer feature is even better ... read on below! 

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Murray's Brewing is one of our favourite neighbours - let's be honest, because their beers just rock! 

They have partnered with the Australia International Military Games for the Invictus Games, Sydney 2018.

Funds raised will help recognise & thank families & friends for the support they give our wounded warriors and for the sacrifices they make as the loved ones of servicemen and women.

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The 14-18 Lager has been made in the style our Diggers would have been drinking prior to leaving Australia on their 'great adventure'.

For each keg sold, Murray's has committed to donating a proportion of the income to directly contribute to hosting family & friends so they can be there for the Invictus games this year.

We are proud to support Murray's in this contribution & have the ANZAC 14-18 Lager on tap now for you to enjoy! 

Currently on tap at The Greenhouse!