Happy Birthday - First Birthday Celebrations!

We are One!! 

Where has the time gone?

Like any new business, the opening months were a crazy haze of long hours, problem solving, lots of smiling customers and figuring out how all of this works!

We now know ‘where all the light switches are’ as one of our colleagues says, and are proud to be offering a lovely, consistent product.

Those who joined us even 3 months ago should see the improvement in consistency and value when dining at The Greenhouse now.

As always, our team are a huge part of who we are - #thepeoplemaketheplace – we can’t thank them enough for all their efforts!

To celebrate our birthday, we’re offering a free beer with your burger on Wednesday the 1st March!

Come on down & be a part of the celebrations.

Here’s a bit of our journey, then ‘then’ & ‘now’ – feels like longer than a year!