Wedding Season is here!

Are you newly engaged? Looking for some inspiration for your big day? 

There is SO MUCH to look through when it comes to planning your wedding. 

We just adore weddings at The Greenhouse  and love being involved in each couples special day. 

The beauty of a wedding is it's true reflection of the couple who's union it is celebrating.
Each wedding is unique and special, and we have such a thrill each time, helping you piece together your big day. 


Top tips for planning a wedding ...

  1. Ask for advice - honestly, this can save you some pain!
    Those who have been there before can tell you about their experiences with specific suppliers, how they approached something that did or didn't work, or what they regretted most or loved most to help you avoiding the same. 
    We're all different and with different goals for our day, so take it all with a pinch of salt - but ask, just the same

  2. Maybe pay someone to do that.
    Are you really crafty or creative?  Is your great aunt Martha Stewart? Unless the answer is yes, think very carefully about any D.I.Y. projects. Be critical about your abilities. Despite what Pinterest would have you believe, some of us are just not that great at art & craft. And your wedding is probably not the time to learn that lesson. It'll only be more expensive when you have to replace everything at the last minute.

  3. Find your team of yes-men.
    These are the people to whom you can say, "I want to get married while skydiving and have a tea-and-cake reception inside an Easter Island head," and they will reply, "That is SO you! I love it!" If they have a safety or budget-based concern, they will mention it, but otherwise, they just tell you how wonderful your ideas are. Your team of yes-men does not have to include your parents, and it does not have to include your brides folks.

  4. Everyone makes a list of things to pack, but you should also make a list of things to bring back. 
    You'd be amazed at what people leave on site and forget to collect, simply because they think someone else has arranged to bring these keepsakes back. Very often these things aren't noticed until you come back from honeymoon, in which case they may have been unwittingly thrown out. The best way to avoid this is to not only give your bridal party a list of things you must have back from the venue, but make sure the venue coordinator has a list of this as well. That way, if anything gets lost in the shuffle we’ll know to hang on to it for you until you get back from honeymoon, or we can make other arrangements for delivery.

  5. When it’s all over, remember to thank your vendors… publicly.
    If you really love your vendor, one of the greatest gifts you can give them is to… write something that could sway couples to call that company.
    Those wonderful thank you’s from brides & grooms following their wedding mean the world to those who have made your day happen, and are priceless as a testimonial to share with other brides and grooms.
    If you really love your vendor, one of the greatest gifts you can give them is not just a letter of profuse thanks, but to also take it upon yourself to find a public site that rates said vendor and write something that could sway couples to call that company.


As we enjoy the fabulous time of year that is WEDDING SEASON we'll be sharing more tips and tricks on planning your day, styles and current trends and more. 

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