What is an 'Eatery'?

The definition of EATERY sits somewhere between restaurant & cafe ... 

 Eatery was first used right around 1901, from eat, with its Old English root of etan, "to eat, devour, or consume."
We like that description, as we think there's plenty to devour at The Greenhouse! 

Our Eatery produces fresh, tasty food, including many classics, done really well. 

We focus on having an approachable, smart-casual, family-friendly set up,
with a range of options to suit all palates & pockets. 


With the launch on our new menu (starting Wed 28th March) we are going back to our Eatery roots, where you can enjoy everything from a $10 Arancini to a delicious gourmet steak, every day of the week!

The new menu runs all day every day, with the Lunch Menu starting from 11am and going through to close (no gaps in the afternoon if you feel like a burger or a schnitzel!) and is all set within our lovely family friendly venue - offering personalised, casual dining.

We're also thrilled to offer a huge new range of cakes, slices & sweet treats to go with your coffee! 

So much on offer!

See you at The Greenhouse soon!