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About Us

Come and meet our wonderful team.

Hiring - join The Greenhouse crew!

Interested in joining a team of hard working individuals, passionate about our industry, keen to build this outstanding brand? - Send your details through the contact us page or email to introduce yourself.

What makes us tick? Our core values!

FRESH – This is our ultimate goal. Be it picked from our kitchen garden, or delivered from a local company that day, serving fresh produce is our favourite thing to do!

SEASONAL – We are constantly updating our offering to best suit what is available at that time. From our menus, wine list & local beer tap, to the environment in which you enjoy your meal – on the Terrace basking in the sun, or in the Eatery snuggled up beside the huge sandstone fire place – seasonal is a part of what we do.

ELEGANT – We have a classic yet modern building, with amazing views, offering a great backdrop to anything from your casual meal out to your formal event. Elegance to us does not mean opulence or grandeur or superiority, it means that there will always be style in what we do, that we will always remain modern and professional, and that we are proud of the beautiful setting, service & food that we provide to you.

YOURS – This one is simple - the focus is always on you. Our customers experience is our top priority. Our focus on professional and flexible facilities and service mean that any event you hold with us is made to be what you want. Your experience. Your local. Yours.